Get Rewarded for Sharing Customer Success Stories!

We love sharing great customer experiences! These stories are extremely valuable, helping us establish crediblity and authenticity. By describing past successes, prospective customers can visualize how we'll make them more efficient, safe, and profitable.

We'd like to reward those who help us collect these stories, so we have created the Xperience Reward Program. Click below for details.

Things to keep in mind when writing Xperience submissions:

  • Speak about the benefits to the customer. How are their lives easier as a result of our products and services? Where have they seen increased productivity and profit? 
  • What positive comments have you heard from their management and other employees who work with our products?
Get Rewarded for Sharing Customer Success Stories
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Have a great customer sucess story? Help us share customer success stories and get rewarded for doing so.
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Congratulations to our 2016 Rewards Program Winners!

  • January - Cristina Astiazarán (Mexico)
  • February - Lidiane Cavallini (Brazil)
  • February - Lidiane Cavallini (Brazil)
  • March - Kristanto (Indonesia)
  • March - Mike Moody (USA)
  • March $500 Winner - Kristanto
  • April - Cristina Astiazarán (Mexico)
  • April - Mike Moody (USA)
  • April $500 Winner - Mike Moody
  • May - Tatiana Dian (Indonesia)
  • July - Mike Moody (USA)
  • July - Cristina Astiazarán (Mexico)
  • August - Tatiana Dian (Indonesia)
  • September - Cristina Astiazarán (Mexico)
  • October $500 Winner - Joe Claeys
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